Shadowbrook Acres' Dawns Misty Morning


Dawn came to my parents as a weanling in 2003! We raised three grulla colts by her, then sadly had to sell the horses due to financial problems. It was 8 years sense the day she left and I found her again! She and my father had a very special bond all those years ago. I took the chance they would remember and got her back. Tyler Keyes has been training her for my father who has a broken back, two blown out shoulders, and a ruptured disk in his neck. Dawn is an amazing love bug! If you ever have a rough day Dawn is there to give a big hug and just brighten your day. She is amazing to take in the hills and doesn’t spook at nothing. She is defiantly independent and a character. Everyone who meets her falls in love! It is so great to have this girl back when life has thrown so much at my dad. She is one giant loving teddy bear!


Sire: Flash of Black
Dam: Tewa Sky